Speaker/Author Agreement


Speaker/Author agreement for The Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC20)

Works: By submitting an abstract, paper (peer/non peer reviewed), presentation and/or other materials (Works) for AIAC20 you acknowledge that you are accepting the AIAC20 Speaker/Author Agreement as stated below.

In consideration of the opportunity to deliver the Works at the Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC20), I:

  1. grant Engineers Australia a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free licence (with right to sublicence) to use, distribute and publish the Works (including through third parties on databases such as the RMIT Informit Engineering Collection Database);
  2. confirm that I own the copyright in the Works, and there is nothing in the Works that uses someone else’s intellectual property without their permission, or that infringes their intellectual property or moral rights; and
  3. confirm that all information I have provided regarding my academic and other qualifications is true, complete and not misleading.

I agree that Engineers Australia may record and broadcast my performance of the Works in any form, whether by way of webinar, photography, video, film, tape, digital recording or any other medium or technology and that any such recording may be used, dealt with, distributed and licensed by Engineers Australia without any obligation on Engineers Australia’s part to pay fees or royalty.

If you do not wish to be broadcast please email the secretariat directly at [email protected]

Please note a details explanation of all the terms and phrases can be found over on the next page

Guidance for Speakers / Authors

It is a condition of participation in an Engineers Australia sponsored Conference that contributors agree to the terms and conditions of the ‘Speaker/Author Agreement’, which grants us a licence that enables us to publish the Works (for example by making it available to others through our databases or third party databases (such as the Informit Engineering Collection database).

The licence you grant us is:

  • Non-exclusive – which means you can grant other parties a licence over the Works.
  • Irrevocable – which means that once you have granted us the licence, it cannot be taken away.
  • Perpetual – which means that the licence does not come to an end.
  • Royalty-free – which means that you do not receive any royalties from the grant of the licence.

A right to sub-licence means that we can give others the right to publish the Works if the need arises.

What rights do you as the author retain?

As the author you will retain your copyright in the Works.

Recording your presentation

We request your permission to make a recording of your presentation of your material (whether by way of webinar, photography, video, film, tape, digital recording or any other medium or technology). You should note that as the creators of that recording, we automatically own the rights to it, therefore under the terms of the Speaker/Author Agreement you are not ‘losing’ any rights you are entitled to, only giving us permission to make the recording.

Moral rights

We also ask you to assure us that there is nothing in your materials that uses someone else’s intellectual property without their permission or infringes their moral rights. We do that to protect Engineers Australia from action that we have breached copyright or infringed an individual’s moral rights, and to encourage you to think about the content and make sure it is your original work, or that you have permission of the owner to use that information. This helps protect you and us.

Further information

Remember, this guide is just that, a guide to what the Speaker /Author Agreement is for – not the agreement itself. You should read the agreement carefully before agreeing to it.

For more information about Intellectual Property Rights you may wish to visit the following websites:

IP Australia - Understanding Intellectual Property


Australian Copyright Council 



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Call for abstracts open

20 May 2022

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01 Aug 2022

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08 Aug 2022

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12 Aug 2022

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01 Nov 2022

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25 Nov 2022

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26 Nov 2022

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20 Jan 2023

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27 Feb 2023

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28 Feb 2023

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