Additive Manufacturing Workshop at Avalon

AM Technology – Effective Route from Research to Practical Applications

Date: Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Venue: Avalon Airshow Conference Room

*due to COVID restrictions spaces are limited, please indicate your attendance during the registration process. This will be limited to first in best dressed on the day to the first 50 attendees.

The 19th Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC 19) is organizing a workshop on development and implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies, like Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Considering increasing interest of defence and commercial aviation in application of AM to aircraft structures, the AIAC 19 Organizers are going to convene a panel of experts representing research providers, industry and regulators/certification authorities, to discuss all aspects of progressing the technology from early development to certification and operation.

The Panel is expected to highlight and discuss all challenges, viewed from individual perspective, which are perceived to delay or restrict the technology from being recognized as an established trusted manufacturing or structural repair method. The discussion will be a free exchange of views between experts but may also engage the workshop session audience.

Panel moderators:

Adam Groszek 
AIAC 19 Congress Chair

Panel members:

  • Professor Milan Brandt - RMIT University
  • Professor Suresh Palanisamy- Swinburne University
  • Neil Matthews- Head of Research & Technology, RUAG
  • Dr Kevin Walker- QinetiQ Australia
  • Dr Xiaobo Yu- DST Group
  • FLTLT Sam Noone- DAVENG DASA (plus others)
  • GPCAPT Ravinder Singh- HQAC - Director Maintenance & Airworthiness
  • CASA